FIFA World Rankings for October 2021

The men’s FIFA World Ranking is currently dominated by Belgium. Check out the top 10 teams in FIFA World Rankings for October 2021.
FIFA World Rankings for October 2021

Belgium is clearly leading in the FIFA World Rankings for October 2021. These results are calculated on the basis of the team's game results with the most successful teams being ranked highest. Generally, a specific point system is used to determine the rankings. Due to a lot of criticism, the system has been moderated several times. Therefore, a new ranking system used in Chess and Go is introduced on 16 August 2018.

Current Calculation Method :

Pbefore: the team's number of points before the game
I: the importance coefficient
W: the result of the game
We: the expected result of the game

The European Qualifiers and the 2020 Tokyo Olympics led to a lot of changes in the FIFA World Rankings except for Belgium. Belgium still tops the list like the previous month. The rankings are almost similar to that of September 2021. Denmark climbs up to 10th position, while England and France interchange their places. Meanwhile, the same thing happened with Portugal and Spain. While the United States slips down to the 13th position from 10th.

France slips to 4th as England climb up to the third position of the FIFA rankings. The same thing happens for Spain as they slip to 8th position and Portugal overtook them and stays at 7th. The other teams are maintaining their positions till now from the last month with Belgium at the top and Brazil closing their points difference.

However, now let's take a better look at the FIFA World Rankings for the month of October 2021.

FIFA World Rankings for the month of October (as of 17th October 2021) :


N.B: The stats are accurate as of 17/10/2021.

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