"Messi wanted to stay at Barcelona": Laporta describes the Messi saga

Barcelona president has come out and said, Messi wanted to stay at Barcelona and we wanted him to stay as well". The Messi saga continues.

Koushik Biswas
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Barcelona president had many things to say after the Messi Saga last night. John reporter in his declaration as said that the club is above everything. According to him it is the La Liga structure that restricted Messi and Barcelona from renewing the contract.

Laporta has said "Leo wanted to stay at Barca. We wanted him to stay."

He also went on to say "he is the best player in the world and has other offers of course."

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"After all of this process There comes a moment where you have to say enough. You have to analyse it and look at the numbers."

"In La Liga we have to abide by the rules with think they could be more flexible but that's not an excuse we couldn't abide by it."

"Leo deserves everything. He has proven that he loves Barca. He has his route in Barcelona. I am sad but I am convinced that we have done the best for the interest of Barcelona."

Laporta, Barcelona President

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