Every Lionel Messi Record For Barcelona

Lionel Messi leaves Barcelona after 18 years and 778 matches, we take a look at some outstanding Lionel Messi record for Barcelona.

Koushik Biswas
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Yes, the unthinkable has happened. Lionel Messi is no longer a FC Barcelona player. After all the drama, hope and negotiations, Barcelona and Messi could not come to a decision for all the Barcelona fans. It can be for many reasons. But, Lionel Messi after playing for Barcelona a record 18 years, he has made a handful of records. On this occasion of Messi leaving the Spanish club, we present you every Lionel Messi record for Barcelona.

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Every Lionel Messi Record For Barcelona

  1. The only player in history to win the Ballon d'Or, FIFA World Player, Pichichi Trophy and Golden Boot in the same season. Messi won all of them in 2012 season.
  2. Most matches for FC Barcelona. Messi has played a record 778 matches for Barcelona.
  3. Most wins for Barcelona. Messi has won more matches than any one in the history of football. He has won 542 matches in official competitions.
  4. Messi has scored more goals and assists for Barcelona. He has scored 672 goals and 288 for Barcelona.
  5. Messi has won more trophies than anyone in the Barcelona's history. Messi has 35 Trophies for Barcelona. Xavi has 32 trophies for Barcelona.
  6. Lionel Messi has won the most number of Pichichi award (8), most golden shoe award (06) and most Ballon D'or award than any other player.
  7. Most number of UCL Goals for a Barcelona player. Messi has scored 120 Champions League goals for Barcelona. Rivaldo and Suarez comes second with 25 goals.
  8. Most goals in La Liga. He has 474 goals in 520 games.
Every Lionel Messi Record For Barcelona | Lionel Messi | Football News |SportzPoint

9. Top scorer in any edition of LaLiga. Messi's 50 goals in 2011-12 La Liga is still a record.

10. Top scorer in home and away matches in a La Liga season. He scored 35 goals at the Camp Nou in the 2011/12 league season and 24 goals away in 2012-13 season.

11. Most goals in a calendar year. Messi scored 91 goals in 2011-12 calendar. This is quite a unbreakable Lionel Messi record.

12. Most goals in a season. Leo also has the record for the most goals in season. He scored 73 goals in 2011-12.

13. Lionel Messi has a record 383 wins in La Liga in a record 542 official La Liga matches.

14. Messi also has the record of scoring most number of goals in El-Clasico matches (26) in a record 45 El-Clasico matches.

15. Messi also has record for longest streak in a league. He scored in consecutive 21 matches in La Liga in 2011-12 season. He had scored 33 goals in them.

16. Leo was also the youngest to win a Ballon D'or award. He was only 24 years 6 months and 17 days old when won his first Ballon D'or on January 9, 2012.

Every Lionel Messi Record For Barcelona | Lionel Messi | Football News |SportzPoint

As Lionel Messi has tons of records, you can visit FC Barcelona's website for more Lionel Messi record.