Why Garnacho's Overhead Kick is the best Premier League goal ever

Players have scored some incredible goals in the Premier League but Alejandro Garnacho's goal is simply the best of the lot.

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Why Garnacho's Overhead Kick is the best Premier League goal ever

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Alejandro Garnacho may have restarted and ended that great debate, with the Manchester United youngster's overhead kick against Everton instantly labelled a classic. Rooney's overhead kick was a huge one as he scored that against Manchester City while Ronaldo's goal came in the UCL Knockouts against Juventus. If we let go of the occasions and just consider the effort, Garnacho's goal is simply the cleanest and perfect Premier League fans have ever witnessed.

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It is difficult to imagine a more acrobatic effort since the modern era inception of the Premier League in 1992, but it probably best-invoked images of Wayne Rooney's iconic bicycle kick for United against Manchester City in 2011, maybe even better than Rooney.

This may seem recency-biased, but it is utterly flawless. It probably requires the most skill of any Premier League goal, transforming a slightly overhit cross from Diogo Dalot into a spiritual experience in a mindboggling smooth move.

On live commentary, Gary Neville called this overheard kick better than Rooney's and it's hard to disagree. Garnacho's goal was a pure footballing art. Rooney's goal was against Manchester City and if we don't compare the situation, then Garnacho's goal is surely the cleanest.

Alejandro Garnacho was horizontal, high up in the air. His arms became his wings, outstretched. His left leg was crooked, for balance, giving the whole image the kind of sharp twist that makes the best paintings out there. His right leg was outstretched, foot straight, toes pointing, grass flying off the studs. The ball was right there too, his eyes on it, and his boot still guiding it, speaking to it. Experience of a lifetime.

The number of people currently capable of producing this achievement of the human form is so rare. This is the sort of goal that converts first-time viewers to football. This is the goal that makes teens fall in love with the game again. This is the goal that deserves to be considered the Premier League's greatest ever.

The Argentinian winger then did the "Siuuu" celebration in front of the protesting Everton fans and for a Manchester United fan, it was surely a treat to watch, an experience and moment to cherish for a long long time.

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